Bike Bags

I love to bicycle.  I commute each day to work on bike, and I have been on several wonderful bike tours, some of the most memorable with my buddy and extraordinary photographer/biker/writer Dennis Coello.  In the spirit of fine leather bags for saddles, here are my versions for bikes.  Like all of my work, these are entirely hand sewn, and no two bags are the same.   I have designed 2 versions of “behind the saddle” bags:

The first has one strap that loops through one saddle loop, through an O-ring, around the seat post, back through the O-ring, through the other saddle loop, and buckles.  I like this design, because it is fairly easy to put on and take off, and there is only one buckle on the outside to attach.  It works well with Brooks saddles, but doesn’t stay in place very well without the saddle loops found on Brooks.  For any general saddle, I have designed a 2-strap bag that attaches through the saddle stays.

Instructions on mounting a 1-strap bike bag.