Bike picnic basket

I made this for my daughter’s wedding gift. It has a plywood base and rawhide lining on all the other sides to add stiffness. It can hold a nice picnic for 2 with a bottle of wine.

9 thoughts

    1. Hi Katherine, for now at least, this will be a one of a kind item. I’m so busy with my “day job” that I can’t imagine where I’d find the time for another. Thanks for the nice feedback! Art

  1. That is fantastic. Like Katherine, I saw the picture on the web and thought how much I’d love to have one. If you ever do find the time to recreate…you’d have a market. Excellent work, and fantastic blog. It’s been a joy to read.

  2. Amazing!! Definitely something I would by immediately. Please let me know if you intend to make some other piece.
    Excellent job!

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