Bike Touring Style Handlebar Bag

I’ve come up with a new design for a leather handlebar bag that utilizes the Nitto F15 frame.  The Nitto frame is very nicely made, and it provides excellent stability to the bag.  The bag is entirely handmade one at a time, including all the stitching.  It has a front pocket that is motivated by the old McClellan-style saddle bags.  It also has 2 inside pockets to hold cell phones, wallets, and other objects.  The bag slides on and off the Nitto F15 frame, and there are buckles that attach it to the back of the frame to keep it secure.  The top opens from the position of the rider, and there is a simple leather keeper that can secure the top closed.  The D rings on the top can be used to attach other items, including a map case (not included).  The D rings on the side can be used with an optional shoulder strap.  Updated with another bag and straps.

My other version of a handlebar bag worked well with mountain bikes but not touring bikes.  This new version is excellent for touring style handlebars.